The Resturant

In a 129 year old restored building, which once belonged to a Turkish Sheik, is Kimmel, hinting at a the rustic.
The front of the restaurant features an authentic country style design, with an abundance of natural trees, unique serving dishes and tableware giving the restaurant a lovely, relaxing and rustic feel. The décor is fitting with the rustic delicacies served: cheeses, meat and fish in rich sauces, herbs, cream and olive oil, served to diners by a staff of skilled and polite waiters. The rich wine and drinks menu completes the gastronomic experience. *Indulgent business lunch on Fridays Enjoy a rich gourmet experience with the unique and delightful tasting, allowing you to sample a variety of the restaurants delicacies, including a selection of starters, mains, desserts and drinks served (for a minimum of 8 people) at the centre of the table. New at Kimmel – Private VIP room next to the restaurant where private parties of up to 60 people can be held! Kosher catering services is available for events of all sorts. Kimmel


The Kimmel Cellar – the new event room, especially for private and business events of 20-60 people

A rustic and warm room, with an antique style arched ceiling, resembles a wine cellar. Dried herbs are hung from the wall, wine rests in every nook and cranny and large pieces of wood make up Kimmel's recently opened private event room.

The entrance to Kimmel's cellar, suitable for events of 20-60 people, is separate from the restaurant's entrance. The room's special, intimate atmosphere is equally suited to both business and family events. A special staff, including a cook, a chef and waiters, are assigned to every event, resulting in welcoming service, and a private experience, completely separate from the restaurant

Hashachar 6, Tel Aviv

Telephone: 03-5105204